Welcome to PV Enterprises International, Inc.

In today’s highly competitive cruise industry there are still many options available to develop additional cruise & ferry products that provide a spectacular and fulfilling vacations, trips, or relaxing outings while avoiding competing with the industry’s major players.   The current economic climate requires cost control and a highly efficient management service that emphasizes on:
  • Quality ship management
  • A strong focus on safety
  • The highest levels of craftsmanship providing top-notch efficient ship maintenance
  • Highly qualified, blue water experienced, motivated and friendly staffing both on-board our ships as well as ashore during an excursion
  • Timely and up-to-date training utilizing the industry’s best practices to ensure that your experience is care-free as well as relaxing and memorable as possible – safety is our number one concern
The members of our senior management team have a total of over 250 years of combined experience in passenger cruise line and ferry industry. Each of them brings the very best the cruise industry has to offer with high level education background, high motivations and are readily able and available to build our goals in the industry – making you, the cruise line or ferry passenger our 1st priority at all times. Whether your experience takes you to the high seas, ashore with excursions or day trips, or any combination of activities, our management team is unparalleled in the cruise and ferry industry. The difference between shore-side corporations and maritime corporations is the expertise, the multifaceted experience and education of the top management. PV Enterprises International, Inc. employs the highest level of expertise and we strongly believe that our company is the most qualified to offer a comprehensive vacation, ferry travel, on-shore experience or any combination of our offerings for your and your family to make memories every time you sail with us. From your initial booking to the time your party disembarks, PV Enterprises International, Inc. will be there to provide the most excellent of service at the very best rates in the industry today.